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Laurel Oaks Funeral Home & Memorial Park has been serving the Mesquite area community for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



The Laurel Oaks Legacy

That of one family serving another in time of need

Laurel Oaks is a place with a history — and a history of caring about people. Just as the soaring lacy oaks that give Laurel Oaks its name have been here for generations, so Laurel Oaks has served generations of families as a funeral home, cemetery and memorial park.

Chartered by the Bearden family around the nucleus of an old country cemetery, our beautiful memorial park — one of the few to allow both artificial and fresh-cut flowers year-round — goes back to the early Dallas settlers.

When Laurel Oaks’ founders envisioned developing the ancestral Bennett Family Cemetery into a modern memorial park in the 1950s, they were determined to preserve the site’s abundant beauty and its heritage as one of Dallas County’s pioneer cemeteries.

Before ever drawing up plans, the founders traveled extensively to countless cemeteries, studying their features, layout, landscaping, irrigation systems and burial customs. They consulted with numerous experts in cemetery planning to assure that Laurel Oaks would be one of the finest of memorial parks and that its historic origins would remain the core that everything new must honor and complement.

To the Beardens, Laurel Oaks was more than a cemetery — it was an ideal. Their promise: “Laurel Oaks must be a restful, inspiring place where people would like to go and linger. It must be a place of songs, birds and colorful flowers; of inviting waters and green verdure; of things that inspire and uplift you; that encourage and help in times of trouble. All of this, the last resting place of those we love, at a reasonable price within reach of all.”

Today, the Laurel Oaks team and a new generation of the founding family carry on the legacy that began with a pioneer cemetery and has become a modern memorial park rooted in tradition — that of one family serving another in time of need.

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